DOV Tutorial
The complete guide to making the most out of Polysynth Option Vaults
Once you are on, you'll see the 'Launch App’ button in the top right, click on it to go to Polysynth DOVs.
Polysynth Website
On the Polysynth DOVs Page, select the strategy in which you would like to invest and earn sustainable yields. Let’s proceed with the WETH Covered Call Option.
Polysynth DOVs Page

Deposit Mechanism

Let's deposit some WETH into the WETH Covered Call Vault to earn sustainable yields.
WETH Vault Deposit and Withdrawal Page
Now simply click deposit WETH and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask or any other wallet's popup.
MetaMask Popup
The deposit will be confirmed in a jiffy, thanks to Polygon Network.
Transaction Successful
The deposited WETH will now show up as your deposits and the funds will get automatically deployed to earn yield on Friday at 12 PM UTC. As you can see, some funds which were previously deposited have already been deployed and shows up as your position.
Deposited Funds and Deployed Position

Withdrawal Mechanism

There are two types of withdrawals offered by Polysynth DOVs based on if the fund has been deployed or not.
If the funds are deployed: In this case, you can request a standard withdrawal, and funds will become available for withdrawal at 12 PM UTC on Friday. On Friday, you will be able to withdraw the funds to your wallet. If a withdrawal request is not placed, your funds will be automatically redeployed in the same vault strategy to earn auto-compounding yields.
Request for Withdrawal
Requested for Withdrawal
If the funds are not deployed yet: In this case, you can request an instant withdrawal and the funds will be immediately withdrawn to your wallet.
Instant Withdrawal
Funds Received in the Wallet
That's it. It's that simple to earn sustainable auto-compounding yields in all market conditions. The process is exactly the same for all the vaults.
Stake. Earn. Auto-Compound. Start Now.
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