Two Exchange Arbitrage
Benefits of doing arbitrage on Polysynth.
Polysynth offers a massive arbitrage opportunity in perpetual contracts across DEXs and their centralised counterparts. Since arbitrageurs play a critical role in keeping the mark price closer to the index price, Polysynth uses several mechanisms to incentivize arbitrageurs.
The benefits include:
  1. 1.
    High liquidity, low slippage are offered through the Dynamic Curve. Polysynthโ€™s innovative Constant-Product curve adapts to growing trading volume and provides required liquidity at higher volumes ensuring lower slippage. As a result, arbitrageurs can trade higher volumes at lucrative spreads
  2. 2.
    30-day tier-based fee structure with incentivisation to Arbitrageurs for price convergence
  3. 3.
    A high number of asset classes are available to trade and profit from. Diversification across multiple asset classes helps to mitigate risk
  4. 4.
    Take a hedged position to earn funding paymentsโ€‹
  5. 5.
    Other benefits include:
    • Deploying liquidation bots to earn liquidation penalty
    • Earning trading rewardsโ€‹
    • One of the lowest gas fees and trading fees across DEXs
    • Guaranteed on-chain liquidity for execution of trades under all market scenarios


Example of how you can exploit arbitrage opportunities on Polysynth
Institutions can mail to: [email protected] for further queries. Details on trading API can be found here. For any technical support in integration with the platform please reach out to us on the #partnership channel on Discord or contact us at [email protected].
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