Perp Tutorial
The complete guide to experiencing Polysynth
Note: Polysynth’s dApp UI gets updated from time to time to improve user experience. We will keep this section updated, so check back for updates.
Here is a quick video walkthrough of everything you can do on Polysynth in under 60 seconds.
If you want an even more detailed walkthrough of the trading experience on Polysynth, here it is below. The walkthrough also includes how the Refer & Earn program works and how you can track all your rewards such as Trading, Arbitrage and Refer & Earn in one place.

Entering Polysynth dApp

Once you are on, you'll see the 'Go To App' button in the top right, click on it to go to our trading dApp.
Polysynth Website
Or you can directly visit​
If you are visiting the Polysynth trading dApp for the 1st time, please click on 'Continue' to agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
Agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to start making alpha on Polysynth
If you don’t have the MetaMask Wallet extension installed, the trading dApp will prompt you to install it.
For a detailed walkthrough on adding MetaMask Wallet to your browser click here.
Post installing MetaMask Wallet, you will need to click on the 'Switch to Polygon' button on the top right and click on the 'Switch Network' prompt of MetaMask to connect your wallet to Polygon Mainnet.
Once your MetaMask is connected to Polygon Mainnet, you are ready to experience Polysynth. Simply select the asset you want to trade and the collateral, leverage & slippage tolerance you want to trade with and click on the 'Place Market Order' button.
Click on the 'Confirm' prompt on MetaMask and your order will be processed in a jiffy 🏎
You will now be able to see your position at the bottom of the window from where you will also be able to manage margin.
For a more detailed view of your positions and history, go to 'Portfolio' from the top menu.
Polysynth dApp - Portfolio Section
Finally, if you want to close your position, you can simply click the β€˜Close’ button in the bottom tab.
Polysynth dApp
Now, let's take you to the best part, Polysynth rewards you with POL Tokens every time you trade in the form of Trading & Arbitrage Rewards. You can earn up to 100% on your Trading & Arbitrage Fees alone. This is on top of the POL Tokens you can earn by way of Referral Rewards. We have built a nifty dashboard that you can access by clicking on Rewards from the top navigation bar and you will be able to track all your rewards in one place.
Polysynth Rewards Dashboard
Polysynth Rewards Dashboard
If you are wondering where you can get your unique referral code, simply go to the Refer & Earn section from the top navigation bar. If you already have a referral code you want to enter to earn $50 worth of POL Tokens just click on 'Have a Referral Code?' and enter your friend's referral code.
And if you want to get your own unique referral code to share with your friends and earn $50 worth of POL Tokens and 25% commission on your friend's trading fees for the first 12 months, click copy code. You can share it on Twitter, Discord and Telegram directly from the dApp itself or mention it on your other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube or Blog. The best part, you can make as many referrals as you want.
Polysynth Refer & Earn Program

Upcoming Features

  • πŸ”€ Cross Margin
  • πŸͺ™ Liquidity Staking Rewards
  • πŸš₯ Limit & Stop Orders
  • πŸ“² Push Notifications
  • πŸ‘› Multi-Wallet Support
  • 🏦 Multi-Collateral System