Perps Refer & Earn
Share a better way of trading
The referral rewards program is designed with a clear objective of:
  1. 1.
    Incentivizing users to share a better way of investing with their friends
  2. 2.
    Accelerate product adoption and overall product usage
For every successful referral, both you and your friend will earn $50 worth of POL. As the referrer, you will earn 25% of the trading fees generated by your friend in the first 12 months, paid in POL at the end of 12 months.

Working Mechanism

There are no prerequisites for sharing your referral code. All that your friend(s) needs to do for a successful referral is to trade at least $1,000 worth of derivatives within 30 days of joining Polysynth.
How Refer & Earn works
And the best part, the $1,000 worth of trading can consist of multiple trades over 30 days.
The following example illustrates referral rewards earned by a user in three different scenarios:
An example of how referral rewards work
Note: In the above example POL-USDC price is assumed to be 1. POL price used for reward computation will be the 30-day TWAP on the day of computation. Pre-IEO, this will be equivalent to the latest sale price.


How do I join the referral program?

You can go to the rewards section here, scroll down to the referral rewards section and get your personalised referral code. Share your referral code with your friend via any social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Blog, TikTok, Instagram etc.

How do I claim my referral rewards? When can I withdraw and transfer my earned POL?

All rewards have 90 days lock-up and thereafter, a daily release schedule over another 90 days. Your rewards will be auto-staked post-release and can be claimed, transferred to your wallet and/or used for governance.

When will the rewards be paid?

The rewards will be paid after completion of the 12-month period starting from the day of registration through the referral link.

How is the trading fee commission calculated?

Trading fee commission is calculated as 25% of your friends net trading fees for 12 months (starting from the registration date). The net trading fee is the total fee after all fee rebates have been applied.

Are there any limits to how many referrals I can add?

You can refer as many people as you want using our referral program.

What is the eligibility criterion?

Your friend must simply join using your referral code. All that your friends need to do after joining Polysynth is to trade at least $1000 worth of derivatives within 30 days of joining Polysynth.

How long is the referral program valid?

Forever. Or until we come up with something more amazing 😎
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